Efficient video storytelling through the Covid 19 crisis

A month ago we were talking about the use of bespoke videos as a way for organisations to keep track of, and stay connected to, customers and communities.

Over March and April I ((Bill) spent time with two organisations looking to use video production as way of both informing and record-keeping in a time of massive uncertainty and upheaval.

HireUp, a rapidly growing company with a distinct ‘tech start-up’ feel is in the disability support workers space. As the lockdown rapidly approached, they wanted a series of storytelling videos with clients and workers to communicate the action they were taking to ensure the smooth-running of events. With some social-distancing precautions, I took the ‘one day shoot, one day edit’ approach, letting the narrative and theme of the video production more or less develop during the shoot.

I’m glad to have spent many years working as a journalist; I know many video production companies will storyboard and storyboard again with a large team; but for the customer, that works out to be very expensive, and frankly, often unnecessary. I find the treatment, and the theme, present themselves when you really start to spend time with someone, and interview them.

Efficient, high-quality video production

A similar approach was taken with Jigsaw Australia, in the disability employment space. They too acted decisively to move core elements of their business online, with great initial success. For them, the video works as an object of posterity as well as a way of informing clients that ‘we’re open for business – and thriving.’

Each video on this page was shot and edited in Sydney in two short days. If you imagine that great looking and concise storytelling video means hiring cameramen, a video producer, editors, ‘story consultants’ and the rest for a week of back and forth, think again. If your last experience with video production was slow and cumbersome, think again.

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