Five types of effective online video

We don’t just make great-looking videos. Unlike many corporate video producers, Bill has extensive and continuing experience watching the numbers on the digital media coalface – not least as head of video at Guardian Australia. We know which videos succeed. We also know which videos flop, at what point, and why. Here are five common types of corporate video in the online space which we can help your company with.

Corporate video type 1: Company profile video production

There’s no better way to show off your company than to really show it in a slick corporate video. One of the principal types of online video might take the form of a presenter-led walk-through of your premises from a key member of staff, or an introduction to some of your team members. Perhaps slides, graphics and a concise video explanation will best tell your story. We don’t just film you some nice footage and leave it at that: Bill has worked as an online video producer and TV journalist for a decade, and can help you produce a script that sings your message.

Heard Communication -Bill Code Media video from Bill Code on Vimeo.

Corporate video type 2: Selling a product with online video advertising and pre-rolls

YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are places where competition for eyeballs and time are extremely fierce. The harsh truth is, people don’t just want watch videos about random companies. But if you have a product which solves a problem, we can work with you to get to the heart of it in a snappy, concise video which can either work on its own as a pre-roll advertisement, or as something that people will want to share online. Large companies can spend a fortune making TV commercials – and they do it because they know that moving pictures are a great way to let people experience a product. For the fraction of the cost, we can do this type of video for you on the web.

Corporate video type 3: Explainer and problem-solving video 

One of the most successful types of online corporate video produced by companies is, funnily enough, not the kind banging on about a given company! They tell people something interesting, new, and shareable that they can use. Why should someone come to your company? Explain something in simple terms. Provide an update. Put your expertise out there. In short, you don’t have to be selling something directly – just be useful to people in the online space and the exposure will come. Videos like this can really help drive traffic and conversions. Again, Bill Code Media can help you identify what type of explainer video will work for your company.

Corporate video type 4: Message-sharing video

If you have important information to share with clients, investors or customers, or internally with staff, we can help you produce a concise video and a tight script to get the message out. These types of videos can also be a great opportunity to visualise an important tutorial. Best of all, they help cut down on the endless stream of email! Bill produced this video for Atrium Investment and Financial Media Services Sydney.  

Corporate video type 5: Event and seminar video production

If you’re holding an event where people are giving talks you’ll want to film it in full so people who were there, or people who missed it, will come back to your site, Facebook or YouTube page to watch and learn. And if they learn, they’re likely to share. Highlights reels, which include shots of the crowd and interviews with participants, are also a very good way to drive traffic and engagement. If guests know on the day they’re representing themselves or their own company in your well-produced video, there’s a high chance they’ll search it out, watch it, and share it.


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