Samoa’s mysterious ‘lost’ pyramid (BBC)

What fun this one was! When I told editors at BBC Reel that I was heading to Samoa for corporate video production work they asked me to look into the story of the ‘lost pyramid.’ I thought it sounded too good to be true, but found a group of Samoan and foreign researchers who had been studying the mound in question and a whole array of ancient structures barely untouched by modern media! Hot, sticky, demanding work – but worth it for those drone shots.

What happened after this nation banned plastic? (BBC)

Over the years, the tropical island nation of Vanuatu has struggled with its attempts to eliminate single-use plastics, but thanks to an extensive campaign, the country is about to implement one of the toughest plastic bans in the world.

Last year it banned drinking straws, plastic bags and styrofoam, but by December 2019 it will have added all single-use plastics to the list (ahead of the EU next year).



‘Cook sailed into our history’

After working full time at the Guardian until 2015, it was great to have work featured in the publication almost four years later! An informative shoot with Uncle Shayne Williams at Kamay (Botany Bay) for the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s arrival in Australia.

The world’s only koala hospital

In the wake of Australia’s worst fires on record, Bill shot and operated drones on this story for AJ Plus, visiting the world’s only koala hospital.

Vanuatu’s first tribal chairwoman

Time spent with a welcoming and kind family from Moso island meant I could this piece on the country’s first female tribal chairperson – environmentalist Ines Leimalu Tapesei.

The Lake of Scars (Feature, in production)

Bill is shooting/directing a production based around efforts to preserve a remarkable site of Indigenous scarred trees on Yung Balug country, Lake Boort. Expressions of interest (commissions/production members) welcome.

The Lake of Scars – 2018 Teaser from Bill Code on Vimeo.

Steve Tsoukalas (A Migrant’s tale)

What a pleasure to shoot this with Steve, the Sydney Opera House’s longest-serving employee, just weeks before he hung up his cleaning cloth and called it a day after a half a century at the O House.

The man feeding Sydney (BBC)

Bill directed and shot this short film on an inspiring Sydney character, Will Hawes, for the BBC. The film ran on online platforms and on BBC World. Winner of the ‘outstanding online video’ award at the 2016 Kennedy Awards.

Australia’s drone kid (BBC)

Hudson Horne is a teenager running his own drone photography business on Australia’s Gold Coast, and so the folk at BBC Capital were very keen to hear about his experience for a series on teenage entrepreneurs. Watch it here.

Abdul Aziz Muhamat – Life on Manus

Snuck onto Manus Island and evaded detection to shoot this piece solo over three days. Absolutely worth it to meet inspiring people like Aziz who keep their head above the water in such dire conditions.

Aboriginal burning techniques

Working with international broadcaster AJ Plus, Bill shot and operated drones on this rapidly-produced story on the South Coast of NSW in the wake of devastating bushfires.

David Handley: Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is an annual feast for the eyes on Sydney’s coast. We met up with the founder, David Handley, to hear how it all got started for an Al Jazeera special.

The rise of the posh coffee cup (BBC)

Love how the BBC slugged this short piece of ours on reusable coffee cup culture. Lots of buzz shooting this one with journalist Celina Ribeiro for the BBC’s Capital strand of business-orientated stories worldwide. Watch the story here.


Women-only ridesharing (BBC)

This short, produced with Sinead McDevitt, took many months to get over the line – but was well worth it!

 Watch the story here.


Physie: A truly Australian sport (BBC)

A project pitched to the BBC on this unusual Australian sport – the wildly popular BJP Physical Culture, or Physie, produced alongside Melanie Garrick. Lots of fun to produce something on a lighter topic with different visual opportunities. Watch the story here.



A night at the trots (ABC)

A co-production with ABC photographer Elize Strydom. Bill wanted to revisit an immersive audio-photo experience similar to this piece he edited with photographer Andrew Quilty in The Guardian. Ran across ABC platforms in April 2016.

Inside Out: Indigenous imprisonment in Australia

Bill’s 2014/2015 half-hour documentary Inside Out was nominated for two Amnesty International media awards (in the ‘TV’ and ‘Indigenous’ categories) as well as ‘outstanding online video’ at the Kennedy Awards. It screened on NITV  in Australia in the prime Sunday evening slot, garnered tens of thousands of views on The Guardian, and was distributed worldwide by Journeyman Pictures. Bill wrote, directed, shot and edited the film.