Happiness in Vanuatu – BBC Pacific video


All video producer gigs are not equal –  sometimes those shot on a tropical island discussing happiness tend to be more memorable. C’est la vie.

This was an enjoyable piece to shoot as video producer (camera, journalist, editor, travel-booker…) as a I look to become more of a Pacific video producer for hire (editorially and commercially), shot on Vanuatu’s main island of Efate.

What makes us happy? Well, access to land and healthy soils, community, knowing where ‘home’ is and being connected to culture, if Vanuatu is anything to go by.

Watch the full video here.

Pacific video producer

I was able to film and interview local artists, writers, chiefs, young people, shop holders – and basically ask everyone I met – what they thought the key’s were to Vanuatu’s consistently high ranking in the happy planet index.

Working as a video journalist – a solo video producer with half a mind on editorial matters – can be a hard slog, not to mention in the tropics. But ni-Vanuatu people are amazingly friendly, welcoming, smart and chatty. And yes, I got a couple of Pacific island beach swims in at the end before returning to Sydney to get back to video production work.

Over the last year I’ve strived to become recognised as a video producer for hire across the Pacific more generally – PNG, Vanuatu, Samoa and New Zealand have been on the list for both corporate and journalistic assignments. Get in touch if you’re a Pacific company or editor in need of video: bill@billcodemedia.com