Let video help you through the lockdown from Bill Code on Vimeo.

Timely communications videos

The Coronavirus outbreak is a time of challenge and disruption for all of us.

With people increasingly isolated from one another businesses – and society – need to keep ticking over.

Timely videos can help your organisation stay on top of this communications challenge, internally and externally. With a long background in the news industry our small team can quickly produce great looking, sharp comms videos to help your organisation stay connected with staff, stakeholders and customers.

Live streaming

We’ve made live TV for some of the world’s biggest news brands and can offer you password-protected livestreams, or Facebook and Youtube streaming shot with our equipment, depending on the needs of your organisation.

So there’s some good news; that presentation or event at risk of cancellation can go ahead thanks to live streaming, with our help.

This is a time of real challenge;  keep your team engaged and informed with quality webcasts.

Add quality to Zoom or Skype

If you’re videoconferencing already with Zoom or Skype – we can also add a professional image to that service with our broadcast-ready cameras. Don’t let messy pictures and sound distract from your message.

Drop us a line via email or phone today to talk about affordable – and fast – high quality video messaging from professional video producers.

Email or call (61) 0420 652 289