Pacific video producer: Samoa’s lost ‘pyramid’ story for BBC Reel

Sometimes as a video producer there are fun jobs…and sometimes there are next level enjoyable productions, like trekking into rainforest in search of archaeological wonder, armed with drone and camera, accompanied by an archaeologist, in search of ‘the lost pyramid of Polynesia’. That type of thing.

Pacific video producer

Commissioned to travel to Samoa to produce a video for the entrepreneurial event Seedstars, BBC Reel asked if I could produce a piece on the Pulelmelei mound, renowned, yet shrouded in mystery for what it tells us, and what it leaves out, about the history of the Pacific.

Speaking with archaeologist Greg Jackmond and colleagues at the Centre For Samoan studies about the practicality of producing such a video, it soon became apparent that the real ‘story’ was the uncovering of various other sites using LiDAR data across the country.

Watch the video on the BBC site here.

Without the Mavic Pro 2 drone’s range, GPS mapping – and its solid video capabilities too – this would have been a tough one to capture. But I think we got a special video production out of it.

The local village is also uncovering one particular site to help get it on the map and onto the tourist trail. Hopefully the video production will go some way to aiding them!

In a short visit to this part of the Pacific I was able to cover the original commission at the Seedstars event – video coming soon – as well as produce some enjoyable journalism which adds to the picture on the history of Polynesia (or more accurately shares some of the fantastic research being done, to a wider audience).

Thank you to Samoa, its welcoming people, and its Oka. If there is a tastier raw fish and coconut dish, I’ve not tried it!