Bill is an established video journalist who can work alone in the field, under pressure and to deadline. He’s worked solo in the post-revolution turmoil of Tunisia, reported on the Indigenous independence activists of New Caledonia and copped the searing heat of the Australian outback.


Brutalist architecture in Sydney (Al Jazeera)

Produced, shot, wrote and edited this piece on a renewed respect for brutalist architecture in Sydney off the back of the debate around the future of the Sirius building.

Mbantua festival shares desert culture (Agence France Presse)

Tunisia, After the Revolution (Distribution: Journeyman Pictures)

Australia’s Scottish town mulls independence for old country (The Guardian)

An enjoyable one-man band film produced at the time of the referendum on independence in Scotland.

New Caledonia’s looming gun problem (Agence France Presse)

Indigenous battle brews over coal seam gas (Living Black/SBS News)

Wave Hill walk-off remembered (SBS Living Black)