Bill has a decade’s experience creating compelling video for online and broadcast, is a former head of video at the Guardian (Australia), and works as a shooter/producer with Al Jazeera English, covering Australia and the region. Where many corporate video teams will push for a big production, we know what works on different online platforms. It’s often short and snappy; the key is good writing and a good story, to match with the great pictures we strive for.

Before starting Bill Code Media, Bill was a video journalist, producer and documentary maker, work he is still engaged in. In the space of his career he’s produced journalism and video for the Guardian, BBC, ABC, Agence France Presse, ITN/Channel 4 News, SBS, France 24, Deutsche Welle, The Economist and many others.

Bill Code Media can take a video project from the conception stage to planning and writing, shooting and directing, editing and delivery.

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