Video Producer: Living Languages exhibition at the SLNSW


I had the pleasure this weekend of taking my kids to see the work I had carried out as video producer for the State Library of NSW in Sydney, for the landmark Living Language exhibition.

Asked to work as video producer shooter/editor on a broad-ranging, fascinating exhibition on Indigenous languages across NSW, it was a project which really got the creative juices flowing. The team covered thousands of kilometres being welcomed onto different countries across the state, from Gomeroi and Gumbaynggirr country north of Sydney to Wiradjuri in the centre and back to Gamay/Botany Bay in Sydney.

Seeing the country as a documentary producer is privileged work, and tweaking those skills for a gallery audience was a really enjoyable challenge.

Come see the videos!

The basic kit for this work was the Canon C300 and a host of different lenses, and a very strong workout for the Mavic Pro 2 drone over rainforests, beaches, deserts and mountains. Dozens of individual stories, vignettes and portraits (the latter shot in a challenging ‘portrait’, ie non-landscape, mode) needed many weeks of video editing and colour grading and it was great to finally see the pieces in existence with other fascinating historical artefacts, beautiful photography and audio recordings which made up the show. Many thanks to the State Library of NSW for the opportunity to work as video producer (camera / shooter, DOP, video editor and the works!) and all of the communities and language groups which assisted us.

If you’re passing through Sydney, go and see the show on Macquarie Street! It’s great, and it’s free! And if you need a video producer for something similar, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.